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Frequently asked questions, or FAQ

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What does WP mean?

Abbreviation for Western Palearctic biogeographic region (ecozone). The region includes Europe, North-Africa, and the most of the Middle-East:


(map borrowed from Netfugl.dk)

What is "Hungary life list"? What is listing?

Birding.hu offers a place for keeping records of your personal lists.

Lists have certain regulations. The most important rule is, there is a geographical range for each list, birds observed in the range can be counted on the list.

There are lists (eg. garden list) where only the total number of observed species  can be given.

There are lists with more srtict regulations (eg. Hungary life list), where you have to tick the species in a checklist. Rarities should be commented (place and date of sighting).

Listing is a good game, but remember, a ranks do not always correlate with skills.


How rarities and bogey birds come on my Hungary list?

If you sign in to "Hungary life list", a program chooses your ten most rare species (here rare means the fewest people have seen them)  and the ten most common (most people seen) species you don't have on your list. These are going to be your best and bogey bird species.

Best and bogey birds can change even if you do not change anything on your list as others record new species. You can use bogey birds to check if you miss a common species on your list by accident.


Who is twitcher?

The term "twitcher", sometimes misapplied as a synonym for birder, is  reserved for those who travel long distances to see a rare bird that  would then be "ticked", or checked off, on a list.

Mire kell odafigyelnem, ha tvicselni megyek?
Események, rendezvények
Sziasztok, Ezen a kmz-n megtalálható a találkozó fő...
Today, 19:23 - Zalai Tamás
A könyv elkelt...
Today, 14:03 - Abonyi Ottó
Milyen madarat láttam?
Köszönöm. Reméltem, hogy nem az. Olyan szép egy színű. :)
Today, 11:21 - Takó Miléna
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